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                  Bulgaria is a fast moving economy with a constant change in legislation.
Therefore, it is crucial for individuals or businesses to get involved with the 
right legal partner with a dynamic and innovative approach.
At Dobrev & Partners we even made changes in legislation. We have twice
                  succeded in getting the legislation in Bulgaria changed when we felt it unfair. 


                  We have a unique approach, because when our client 
comes in with a legal
matter,we don't only use our legal expertise, but also we work very closely with
our high profile network,to identify the best solution which would also protect 
the interest of our client. 
                  All our legal experts have more 
then 20 years experience in the Bulgarian legal
system. They have assisted international and national companies and organisation,
 including the UN,the Bulgarian Ombudsman,in many different legal matters.

                  At Dobrev & Partners, we do think outside the box, and we 
are always ready 
to assist you about any type of legal matters you may be facing in the
Bulgarian market. 
We are constantly working for our customer's satisfaction.
Do not hesitate to contact us at anytime as this is our life's work !


                  George Dobrev 
                  Managing Partner  













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