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Over 20 years experience...

Dobrev & Partners is a boutique law firm, with a proven track record in handling succesfully a large number of legal matters. Our lawyers have handled many important cases and gained a great reputation in the Bulgarian legal world.

We have been praised and recognised by our clients and institutions we are closely working with, as a problem solving law firm with a very dynamic and innovative approach.

Dobrev & Partners is dedicated to providing an outstanding representation to its clients.
Our practice is guided by the ideal that our client will always be the winner.

Dobrev & Partners is an internationally minded law firm. We are working closely with the Bulgarian Ombusdman,national and International institutions (including UN) and Patent Agencies,...

We speak more then 4 languages including: English,Bulgarian,Russian,German and French. 

Dobrev and Partners is a registered company in Bulgaria.It is registered as Dobrev Consult and trading as Dobrev and Partners. Registration number: 825394055

Regulated by the Supreme Bar Council of Bulgaria.