George Dobrev - Managing Partner

In the course of his legal practice, he gained recognition as one of the few Bulgarian lawyers who changed the law. He was not only instrumental in amendments in the Co-operation Act, but also was involved, during the critical transition period, as a legal Adviser to businesses on the Bulgarian Restitution Process;  instigation of changes in the Ownership and Use of Agricultural Land Act.

He also made a great contribution when he was appointed as Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv, as he formulated and implemented a unique methodology of work in the Municipality. In that capacity he achieved first implementation of the concession scheme on Plovdiv's Municipality Property, reorganisation of its entity structure, as well as becoming a member of the Board of Plovdiv Privatisation Agency.

Mr Dobrev is an attorney at law and a patent attorney.

University of Sofia, St. Kliment Ohridski           
Major: Master of Law, Graduated with Honor

Fluent in English and Russian

Other  legal appointments include:

Legal Advisor to the  Mayor of  Rhodopi Municipality    
Legal Advisor of “Georgi Dimitrov” Science and Production Agricultural Complex
Foreign Trade Agreement for Export of  Software Systems and harware for Bulgaria and Russia for  agriculture (creation of hi tech software & hardware products assembled to serve industrial production);
Establishment of Joint Ventures with international businesses and NGO’s.
Establishment of International Non Governmental Organization - Scientific Association “InterAgro Cybernetics” with Participation of Companies from Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary.
Lecturer on Family Law in Pedagogical Faculty of Plovdiv University

Area of Practice
Administrative and public law, taxes, Intellectual property, real estate and construction, commercial and corporate law, family law, litigation, arbitration, mediation, personal injury.

Membership in Professional Bodies:
  Bulgarian Bar Association - (Personnal No:1800020140)
  Patent attorney, 2006 to present
  2007 to Present, European trade mark and design attorney, registered in the Office
for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) – Alicante, Spain

Alexander Kodjabashev - Senior Partner

He was for many year a Legal advisor for many prestitious institutions and companies.
Among them,he was appointed as a legal advisor to  the National Ecological Ecofund where he was responsable of the assessment of the legal aspects of financing of public private partnership projects.
He also reviewed the legislation governing income generation by protected areas - legal assessment of financial flows in relation to Protected Areas in Bulgaria.

He has an excellent expertise in environmental matters (the environmental field being one of the most important areas for outsourcing public sector activities) but also a very good knowledge of practical implementation of legal provisions – civil, administrative, environmental and intellectual property law. He also has gained a wide experience in needs assessment preparation and institutional development and strengthening of administrative capacity.

He was an author of many reports, analysis and articles, requested by the Regional Environmental Center to international projects.

Mr Kodjabashev is an attorney at law. 

Other legal appointments:

He was invloved in the “Implementation of the environmental acquis at the regional and local level”: Sub-project 2- “Assistance in regional and municipal waste management planning, implementation and enforcement of legal requirements in waste management sector.
He was then invloved in the Monitoring on the Activity of the Sofia Municipal Council.
Development of a legislative framework for creation of a Water Regulatory Body in Bulgaria
Member of Commissions at the Ministry of the Environment for preparation of drafts of laws and secondary legislation acts.
Development of legal scheme for implementation of the SAPARD programme for financing agricultural activities in Bulgaria.

University of Sofia, St. Kliment Ohridski 
Robert Schumann University, Starsbourg,France
Major: Master of Law

Fluent in English, Russian and French

Area of Practice

Environmental and commercial law

Membership in Professional Bodies:

Member of Bulgarian Bar Association ( no:1800398510)
Member of E-law-Environmental Lawyers Worldwide, Eugene, Oregon, USA
Member of GUTA Conference – Environmental Lawyers from Central and Eastern Europe (with a seat in Budapest)
1993 – founder of the Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE)

Dr Petar Kostov -Senior Partner    pkos@dobrevandpartners 

Dr Kostov was a renowned Bulgarian Public prosecutor.He also was invloved,during the transition
period,in property restitution. He investigated many high profile cases linked to money laundering and has an excellent knowledge on corporate law including due diligence.
Throughout his carreer he also was a Lecturer in law for 10 years at Plovdiv University. 

Dr Kostov is an attorney at law.

University of Sofia, St. Kliment Ohridski
Major: Doctor of law

Fluent in English, Russian and German

Area of Practice

Criminal, Tax, Commercial, Corporate and Economic Law

Membership in Professional Bodies:
Member of the Bulgarian Bar Association (no:1700075340)

Petar Kesov - Senior Partner


He was involved in privatisation of State assets during the Bulgarian transition period.
Has succefully represented a great number of national and international (China,Turkey,Ukrain and European countries) companies on IP and copyright law.
He has achieved more then 2200 trademark,over 50 patents for more then 200 companies around the globe.

Mr Kesov is an attorney at law and a patent attorney.

University of Varna,
Major: law

Fluent in Russian

Area of Practice

Intellectual property, Commercial Law

Membership in Professional Bodies:
Member of the European Trademark and design bureau
Member of the Bulgarian Bar Association(no:1700028663)