March, 2008
Public discussion Reinforcing criminal Justice in border districts: results and perspectives

April 30, 2008
Round table: Enhancing Transparency and Business Integrity in Bulgaria: the Role of Partnerships between Civil Society, Business and Government

April 30, 2008
Policy brief: The Business Environment in Bulgaria – Enhancing Transparency and Integrity

May, 2008
International conference: Anti-corruption and Public-Private Partnerships in Europe, European People’s Party (tbc)

May, 2008 Round Table: Presenting CSD’s report “Conventional Crime Trends in Bulgaria - 2005-2008”

May 9, 2008
Round table: The International Competitiveness of Bulgaria 2008. Presentation of Bulgaria’s position in the world’s oldest and most prestigious country international competitiveness ranking of IMD International Lousanne, including The Competitiveness Roadmap to 2050

May 9, 2008
Policy brief: International Competitiveness of Bulgaria 2008

May 30, 2008
Press conference: Presenting the annual update of the Hidden Economy Index

June, 2008
Thematic Study on Racism and Xenophobia in Bulgaria – at request of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency

June 20, 2008
Round table: Bulgaria’s First Year in Europe and Outlook for the Future, co-organized with Confrontations, Paris

August, 2008
Importance of public confidence in policy assessment report

October 17-19, 2008
Workshop: Innovation, Intellectual Property Rights and Their Multilateral and Regional Regulation. The Case of the SEE Transition Economies

October, 2008
Round table: The Informal Economy in Bulgaria. Presentation of a CSD report (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung)

October, 2008
National Crime Survey Report 2007 to be published as part of CSD’s assistance to the National Crime Prevention Commission where CSD is a member + Brochure (financing?)

October, 2008
National Data Collection Report on Racism and Xenophobia in Bulgaria

October, 2008
National experience in the Use of social indicators of public confidence report

October, 2008
Supra-national experience in the use of social indicators of public confidence report

October, 2008
International Conference Indicators of Public Confidence in the Judiciary - Sofia Bimonthly Bulletins on Racism and Xenophobia in Bulgaria

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